Friday, January 30, 2009


I've decided to write another post.  Honestly, too much has happened in the last little while to try to sum it up, so I'll just hit some of the high points:

Capoeira - I started doing Capoeira last Saturday.  It rocks.  I haven't moved my body in so many new ways since I started Parkour.  I mean, Sunday and Monday I hurt so bad.  Tuesday we had another class, but this time it was on carpet instead of in the dance studio.  Needless to say, I had blisters form and rip painfully open.  Also needless to say, when the group met again on Thursday, I was there.  A nice side effect to doing Capoeira is time I get to spend with my bro-in-law, Neil.  He's good, by the way,  There are some videos of him on Youtube (one has me at the beginning, but it's my first day).  Just look for BYU Idaho Capoeira, and you'll find them.  Maybe once I get a little skill I'll put some of me on there, but for now it's just Neil's mad skills on display.

Design - For no reason other than experience, I'm working on a couple of designs for a t-shirt design competition.  When I finish them, I'll put them up here.  If I win, I get $1000.  If I don't, I just smile and say, "I competed in an international design contest" on my resume.  :)  I've also been going to Shannon's Visual Media class with her to refresh some of the design principles that I've let get dusty.  The teacher is awesome and, even though I'm not a part of the class, I can still e-mail him designs and he'll critique them for me.

Work - Finding a job in Rexburg is very difficult.  The President of BYU-Idaho is increasing the number of students attending, but Rexburg has few enough jobs anyway that now the job market is super-saturated.  Plus, 1/2 and hour away in Idaho Falls, most of the jobs down there are taken for a combination of the previous reason and the recession of the economy.  I also can't work on campus, because I'm not a full-time student.  :P

Ummm... - I don't really know what else to say....  Feel free to ask me any questions about what's going on in my life, or Shannon's for that matter... I'll have her field those.  :D 


  1. if you win that competition do they make the shirt? and if so can i have one? :) then when people comment on the shirt i can be like "my awesome friend cooley designed it" and they will be like "whoa!! thats awesome!!" and it will be mega rad!!

  2. Welcome back! So...what's Capoiera?


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