Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Memories

I've been thinking back this week about different Valentine's Days. I have some years in particular that stand out to me.

Age 15 -- I received my first real valentines ("real" meaning from a boy and not just because he's handing them out to the entire 3rd grade class). Brett and Nathan, two of my best friends in my mid-teens, both gave me valentines. Brett gave me one of those little boxes of chocolates. Nathan left an anonymous (the secret came out later) candy heart that said "Pretty Eyes," which started a series of inside jokes culminating in "Pretty Eyes" being painted on some bleachers at a combined-stake service project (don't worry, he was supposed to be painting them). Those two boys did more for my self-confidence that whole year than I could ever thank them for.

Age 19 -- Freshman year of college. My first boyfriend had broken up with me a month and a half earlier, and I figured Valentine's Day would just be depressing. Then Mandi informed me that Valentine's Day was amazing and that she would be my Valentine, because it was one of her favorite holidays. We swapped Valentine's goodies, and I learned that the Dollar Tree sells roses in February. Thank goodness for friends!

Age 20 -- Sophomore year. My roommate's boyfriend had left town to prepare for his mission, but he sent me a letter with money and asked me to buy her some roses and chocolate and set them up in a pretty way. I did an awesome job, if I do say so myself... This was also the year I was secretly wishing that Cooley would surprise me by deciding he liked me and sending me a Valentine. That was stupid, though; I knew he only saw me as a friend. I didn't get the Valentine, but 15 days later we were engaged.

This list, of course, leaves out the years where I wished the Grinch would switch from Christmas and steal Valentine's Day. But hey, it's my blog, and I can be selective with my memories if I want.


  1. LOL - you went from just being friends and not getting a Valentine to being engaged 15 days later???

  2. I didn't realize you blogged! What a cute post. I love how you and Cooley got engaged 15 days later, its amazing how when something is ment to be it just happens!
    Email me your email and I'll add you to my blog read list (

  3. It's a long, entertaining story. Basically, I'd been in love with him for months, he just had to realize that it was reciprocal. ;-) We dated for fewer days than we were engaged in months... 5 days dating, 5.5 months engaged. But at least we hadn't MET 5 days earlier, haha. We'd been really close friends for awhile. When we finally announced that we were engaged (about 3 weeks after it happened, because we didn't want to scare people who had just found out we were dating), everyone just told us it was about time.

  4. I Love our Valentine stories!!! -- You left out decorating my bed with chocolates and roses sophmore year...

  5. It's true. And writing on the wall with washable crayons. :-)


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