Saturday, November 16, 2013

"Inconceivable!" And Other Well-Loved Favorites

This morning I woke up with movie quotations running through my head. It happens a lot considering I don't watch very many movies.

My brothers were always the better quoters. They could watch a funny movie once and have most of the dialogue memorized; twice and they were pretty much golden. It usually took me 3 times and a movie I really loved before I'd have it memorized, but I could usually jump in on their quoting games. It got to the point that I once had a friend tell me that my family had "a quote and a song for any situation."

I've also realized, however, that some of the movies I know and love are rather obscure. Not all are as easily named as the one I quoted in the title of this post. So here are a few lines, some easy to guess, some not, which I've found myself quoting more than once over the years. How many can you correctly identify? (Without googling--that's just cheating.) Check back in Monday for the answers.

  1. "Don't make me beat you with this leg of mine that no longer works!"
  2. "You gentlemen mind if I take this little 'ol jug of mountain water with me?"
  3. "You know, Joe Jr.'s still single."--"Shocker."
  4. "Wise man say, 'Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.'"
  5. "The mouse? He's left our house! To ease the pain... he's down the drain!"
  6. "I've been using fruity soaps, Maggie."
  7. "Girl or not, I can still whip you!"
  8. "But the talking mice told me it was the wrong girl!"
  9. "Llama face!"
  10. "Don't just stand there, do something!"--"What for? There's only three little ones."
  11. "The hospital is fine except for this wicked nurse. She's got the face of a dragon's butt."
  12. [Insert any Star Wars quote here.]


  1. Shoot. I only know four of them. I guess I'll find out Monday if the others are from movies I've never seen, or just ones I'm less familiar with.

  2. Replies
    1. Some of the movies are pretty obscure. I think you're winning so far, but my brothers haven't weighed in yet on how many they know. :-)

  3. I recognize all of them, but there are three I can't place.

    1. Which three, James? I'm guessing #8 is one of them, because I saw that one in college, and I doubt it's one you would have seen.


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