Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Coming Back to Life

It's spring again--sort of. Georgia is confused. One week we get snow, the next it's 80 degrees. Then we get an ice storm (major disaster for an area that never has one--trees and power lines down all over the place), followed by an earthquake, and then it gets warm again. Then cold. Then warm. Then cold.

In the midst of this crazy weather, we decided to run away to Myrtle Beach, where it was nice and warm...

...for a day. And then it was bitter cold. Then we got back to Georgia, and it was warm and beautiful. And today it's freezing again.

You get the picture.

But somehow, even with all of these atmospheric anomalies, the trees in Georgia have started blooming. The grass is starting to turn green (except for ours, but that's another story). My thoughts have turned toward gardens, and our friends just bought a batch of fuzzy, multi-colored chicks.

I love seasons. As much of a paradise as Monterey, CA was/is, I desperately missed seasons while living there. It's not just the seasons themselves, though--while I love snow and heat in moderation, it's the changing from one season to the next that I love the most. It's when the weather moves from cold to warm, from warm to "let's go swimming;" every time the air starts tasting crisp and the leaves change color, or the first snowflakes start to spin; these changes are what I love.

The change in seasons makes me feel capable of change. It makes me want to change. It makes me feel like I NEED to change something, in order to keep up with the very fabric of nature.

I am a creature of habit, but unfortunately the bad ones are so much easier to pick up than the good ones. I fall easily into routines which are stagnant, more existing than living. I forget to notice details in my day and examine time as it passes. I forget to invite people over. I forget to take my girls on adventures.

But then the wind changes, and with it I feel that sudden drive, that need for change, and it wakes me up. Like the trees and the grass, I feel myself coming back to life.

I'm going to have adventures this week. Are you?


  1. I am going to survive midterms this week, and haul my carcass into Spring Break next week (I've never actually had a spring break in college. Silly BYUI). As for adventure, I've been feeling the urge to dance dance dance and dance. The problem is my body is rusty, and twenty pounds heavier than it used to be. Getting back into dancing condition is a looooooong and arduous journey. That's not very fun at all.

    1. Hey, surviving midterms sounds like an adventure to me! And I understand about feeling rusty and heavy. It's strange how much even a little change in our bodies can influence our ability to move. Good luck with your journey. I'll be starting that journey again as soon as I feel up to it after having this baby--probably around the time the seasons change. ;-)

  2. I love the changing seasons, too. My favorite times of the year.

    1. Which is your favorite? Summer-to-fall was my favorite transition when I was living in Virginia and Pennsylvania, but in Idaho winter-to-spring was definitely my favorite. I haven't been here long enough yet to pick one.

  3. Shannon you are beautiful! :) I miss you!


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