Thursday, December 15, 2011

Castle Cakes

The other day I was a at a tag sale and found a cake pan that I had to have. Now, normally cake pans don't have that kind of magnetism for me; I usually don't make more than one or two cakes a year, so why would I bother buying lots of pans? This pan, however, was a Nordic Ware castle pan.

When I showed it to Ryan he got really excited, because apparently his class has had a running joke about one of the guys having a castle. We decided that the first castle cake should go to his class.

I was really worried about getting the cake out of the pan, so I watched a video of tips on the Nordic Ware website first. This was our first attempt:

It came out a little dark, so we decided we'd eat that one and try again for his class. This was our second attempt:

His class loved it, and we felt validated for our efforts. The next day he came home and said they were having a pot-luck at school for about 60 people this weekend, and he had told them he'd bring a castle cake. For that many people, though, he thought we should probably do two. We grabbed a box of red velvet mix and one of dark chocolate. Here's what we got:

So what have I learned from this? That a really awesome cake pan has the power to turn a 1-or-2-cakes-per-year person into a 4-cakes-in-three-days person.

I also learned that it's time for me to buy a set of medieval legos. These cakes are just begging for knights and dragons.


  1. I love them! And YES on the legos.... post pics!

  2. Cindy, I will for sure! I think it might be awhile, though; I've hit a wall of exhaustion unlike anything I experienced while pregnant with Cim. For the last three days I've hardly done anything, because I just haven't been able to make myself move. I'm hoping it doesn't last for the rest of the pregnancy, but we'll see.

  3. Oh, man, although I haven't been pregnant I definitely understand that! I've felt like that on many an occasion. Hope it passes quickly!

  4. Yeah, I'm sure you understand! I'll just be grateful mine doesn't involve an IV coma. I'm going to try to do one with dragons when Ryan's younger brother comes right after Christmas, though. :-)


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