Saturday, December 24, 2011

Scenes of Christmas

Setting up the tree.

Helping Daddy with the lights.

Daddy decorated Cim. She begged us to hang ornaments off her for the next week.

Our tree and presents on Christmas morning. (Half of the gifts are from the Dollar Tree or tag sales--shh!)

Cimorene discovers her stocking. It had a bear, which meant she automatically loved it.

"Look what I found! Can I keep it?"

Daddy got a stocking too. Santa was sneaky, so he had no idea he was getting one.

Santa's belly and red robe had nothing on mine!

The stocking stuffers were all Cim really needed for the day. Birds, a cat, and a glitter wand. Oh yeah.

Our pondering princess. She put the headbands on herself.

I'm not sure what she's trying to turn that bird into, but apparently it's not working.

Ryan had fun wrapping.

I loved his decorations. This box held the traditional bag of Doritos. :-D

"You better watch out..." --This song has never seemed so appropriate.
As an extra gift to me, Ryan changed the poopy diaper. Cimorene didn't care what was going on--she had her toys.

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  1. How fun! Benjamin is sleeping, and somehow I started looking at blogs for the first time in months. It was fun to see some pictures of your adorable family. Out of curiosity, does Ryan change poopy diapers regularly, or was that a special Christmas gift? Jason is still holding out on me there and has changed only one by himself. Men. lol. I hope your life has settled down a little into regular newborn and 2-year old care by now. Love you!


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