Thursday, May 26, 2011

Adventures Lead to Books

On Tuesday Ryan got home from work and said it was time for an adventure. We loaded Cim into the car and took off for the nearest pawn shop. I considered buying a drum set (okay, not really), or a cool sword with dragon wing crossbars. Ryan looked at guns and a bunch of random cds. But what did we end up with? 4 books. For $7. Oh yeah.

Next we went to a thrift store called "Someone's Attic." Cimorene made grabs at shiny aqua track suits and orange shirts. I dug through a bin of framed pictures and found a giant framed map of the geographical features of North America. I also found a pair of 4-inch-plus-an-inch-of-platform shoes covered in small sparkly stars. But what did we leave with? A book. $1.50.

Then we went to get the car's oil changed, filter replaced, and the state inspection. Less fun. We went and looked at guns in C-A-L Ranch while we waited.

And then we finally made it where I had been wanting to go all day: The used-book store! We spent about $20 there and picked up about 10 books (some were 2- or 3-in-1 books).

As we walked out, we realized that Jiffy Lube/C-A-L Ranch was the only stop where we didn't buy a book. Apparently, when we're bored or being spontaneous, we buy books. And I'm really okay with that. :-)


  1. My thought is that you can never have enough books! Thats great that you got such a steal on all of them too. Thrift stores are wonderful for that. Have fun reading!

  2. Oh, we will! :-) The books were in great condition too; I was pretty pleased with my finds.

  3. I hate shopping...but that's MY kind of shopping! :):)


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