Monday, May 9, 2011

Finally Spring

I turn Cimorene's hat so that the brim shades her ear that is toward the sun. It's 66 degrees, the warmest it's been since last summer. I pull a piece of string cheese off and place it on my palm. Cimorene grasps it with her forefinger and thumb, then shoves her entire fist into her mouth.

We share the cheese bite by bite, sitting on the grass at the park. When the cheese is gone, Cim turns her attention to the dandelions. She manages to pop the head off one and delicately shreds it, holding it in one hand, pulling the yellow petals off and watching them fall onto her leg.

That was last week, when we went to the park every day and soaked up as much sunshine as possible. Today it's raining, but that's okay, because it's not snow. Through the window, through the rain, I can see daffodils in bloom. Spring is here, really here. Finally.

Edit: Same day, a few hours later, it's snowing. Sigh. Guess that's what spring is here...

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